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The process of including new transactions in a block and adding it to the immutable Cardano ledger state.

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How does the cardano network handle network latency?

I read that when a node receives a block, the node verifies that the slot number is the current one. If the slot changes every second, what if a block is generated by some node A, but some other node ...
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How does Cardano technically handle reorgs?

In bitcoin, a longer chain will cause a reorg if it's not the "main-chain", where some blocks' side-effects will be reverted, and others in another branch will be processed and become part ...
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What is block density?

What is block density? Pools currently before the Vasil upgrade are saying switch from 1.35.x back to 1.34.x to increase “block density”.
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Block diffusion pipelining and spam attacks

In a recent blog post we got more information about block diffusion pipelining: Technically ...
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How does Cardano execute real time transactions if block time is 20 seconds?

New to the crypto space, please correct me if I misunderstood the meaning of block time. When a cardano node submits a transaction, it goes to a local mempool and submitted on the blockchain for ...
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Why does the full transaction have to be included inside the block?

Transactions are made outside of blocks, and transmitted unconfirmed between all nodes in a network; Nodes advertise new transactions assuming they pass verification to other nodes, who ask for the ...
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Selfish mining / denial of service on Cardano?

I just analysed the reasons for why my pool minted an orphaned block. Here is the sequence of events: My pool minted block No=1 in its allocated slot=28 at T=28.050 seconds. This block propagated ...
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Block missed despite no problem on servers

My pool missed a block but looking at the server logs everything was fine at this moment. Here are the Cardano logs : {"thread":"1734","loc":null,"data" {"...
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Airgapping Concerns for Block Producer Secrets

I am trying to understand the extreme caution about creating secrets for the BP node. Is the concern about not knowing what one might lease in the cloud, or how security is in such a company, or their ...
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Is there a penalty for having two block-producing (BP) nodes in a pool that try to mint a block in the same slot?

Is there a penalty for having two block-producing (BP) nodes in a pool that try to mint a block in the same slot? For example, I'd like to bring up a new BP node in another region, but that results in ...
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How is a slot leader actually selected to make a block?

As far as I can tell, once some blockchain data is fed into a hash, this creates an epoch nonce that is used to define the slot leaders in that epoch. How is the nonce used to select slot leaders, and ...
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What decisions are left to the slot leader?

Is the order of transactions deterministic, or is it decided by the slot leader when creating the block? Are DEX front-running attacks a possibility? Can the slot leader censor specific transactions ...
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Could the d-factor still be changed, to revert to more centralized block production by IOG?

Nothing is mentioned anywhere if, and according to which policy, IOG can move the d-“slider” in the other direction, to again start producing more centralized blocks whenever they deem this necessary. ...
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Stake pool - Failed to start all required subscriptions

Description I recently went through a router failure and an upgrade. And with that local and external IP addresses changes. After an IP address update both relay and producer nodes are fetching ...
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