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How to have a contract on chain for extended periods of time?

In PPP Larz explains that there's a limit to how long a contract can remain on chain, what is that limit and how do I go about extending it?
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Whats the function to get the current time in Plutus?

Im using the time module in the ledger class to do some custom validation logic, but everything is done as intervals and I cant find the function that gets the current time. What is it?
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Diagnosing a POSIXTime discrepancy

My computer's date command is returning a timestamp wildly different from what testnet wants. Using this formula, > slotToEndPOSIXTime testnetConf 55047601 POSIXTime {getPOSIXTime = 1651015217999} ...
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How to Ensure Constant Timing in Contracts Given Slots can be Changed?

The amount of time a slot represents can be changed. This means if I code a smart contract that has some sort of waiting function for N slots, the amount of time it waits for will change with the slot ...
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How to calculate the slot time of a given date? [closed]

I would like to know how to calculate the slot time for a particular date(e.g. 1/1/2023).
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How to implement Vesting smartcontract with time period longer than 36 hours?

Context In third weeks plutus pioneer lecture lars said that Vesting period shouldn't be longer than 36 hours. He argued that this is because time is calculated in slots on-chain and that this ...
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How to convert posixTime to slot number on Cardano Testnet

I'd like to obtain the slot number corresponding to a posixtime on Cardano Testnet. For example, this might be useful if you need to set a slot number in cardano-cli, say building a transaction: ...
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When was the slot duration set to 1 sec on Cardano Testnet?

I'd like to know the exact date when the slot duration was set to 1 sec on Cardano Testnet. Thanks in advance!
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How many slots did Byron era (testnet) have?

I was wondering the number of slots the Byron era (testnet) had or the slot number when Byron finished. The only info I've been able to find is systemStart": "2019-07-24T20:20:16Z" ...
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How does Cardano execute real time transactions if block time is 20 seconds?

New to the crypto space, please correct me if I misunderstood the meaning of block time. When a cardano node submits a transaction, it goes to a local mempool and submitted on the blockchain for ...
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Plutus Cohort 3: slot count why 11 and not 14

I ran the auction exactly as shown. The slot count at the closing (after the additional wait) comes up to 14, not 11, as shown in the video. (if I add all the waits, the result is, indeed, 14). If the ...
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Is there a way for a validator to get the current time?

Is it possible for a validator to get the current time without it being passed in via the redeemer? My validator is heavily dependent on the time being correct so it would probably be a bad design ...
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Constraints.mustValidateIn in a StateMachine

I have an issue with Constraints.mustValidateIn in a StateMachine. In the case using deadline everything works as expected. But in the case: Interval.from deadline the constraint is never ...
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Calculate timestamp from slot

Is it possible to calculate a timestamp from a slot no? Since one slot is one second it should be pretty easy. But... The current slot now (Tue 18 May 2021 05:46:04 PM CEST) is 29786450. In mainnet-...
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Is there a maximum number of transactions a block can hold?

If the network is under heavy use and transactions are being recorded in these blocks faster than normal, is there a cap on the size of the block? Perhaps the rule is 20 second slot time, or a full ...