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How often do we see chain reorgs in Cardano?

Is there a specific metric we can follow on-chain, or how we can observe or infere a chain reorg has happened?
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How does Cardano technically handle reorgs?

In bitcoin, a longer chain will cause a reorg if it's not the "main-chain", where some blocks' side-effects will be reverted, and others in another branch will be processed and become part ...
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Different versions of Ouroboros consensus protocol

What's the difference between different versions of Ouroboros consensus protocol? I know there are so many discussions on the web, but most of them just repeat the few same sentences and does not ...
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What is block density?

What is block density? Pools currently before the Vasil upgrade are saying switch from 1.35.x back to 1.34.x to increase “block density”.
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Can temporary forking occur in Cardano's protocol?

In Bitcoin's protocol (and similar PoW systems), at one point chain might temporarily split in two and two different chains will be maintained up until one outpaces the other and proves itself as the ...
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Do NIPoPoWs (Non-Interactive Proofs of Proof-of-Work) only apply to PoW blockchains or can it be applied universally to any consensus algorithm?

Here the link to the NIPoPoWs paper The jargon and complexity of the topic is too difficult for me to parse.
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How does Mithril increase Cardano network throughput?

Charles talks about Mithril as a means to light client wallets. My understanding of mithril is it takes a screenshot of sorts of upcoming blocks and by representing the blocks in a lighter manner for ...
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Resources to learn about block pipelining?

Are there resources to learn about block pipelining in Cardano as mentioned in this video?
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