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Creating a malicious validator script whose hash equals that of an existing validator script

what is preventing an adversary to find (in many hours) a nonce that would make a malicious validator script to have the same hash and address of my validator script, and then submit it with cardano-...
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Selfish mining / denial of service on Cardano?

I just analysed the reasons for why my pool minted an orphaned block. Here is the sequence of events: My pool minted block No=1 in its allocated slot=28 at T=28.050 seconds. This block propagated ...
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How to prevent economic DOS attacks against Plutus contracts

Many people wrote about the eUTXO model and the benefits it brings compared to Ethereum. However, eUTXO also comes with some challenges. In particular, eUTXO is susceptible to "economic denial of ...
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How will stake pools be prevented from cheating the fixed fee?

Cardano, as opposed to Ethereum, has a fixed transaction fee (currently 0.17ADA). There has been no problem with this fixed fee and no-one tried to cheat. Probably it is because there is not much to ...
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Is "nothing at stake" still a problem?

I read somewhere that there is no risk of forks because ADA has a built in way of deciding who gets to propose the next block if multiple stakers get selected in 1 round: The one who rolls the lowest ...
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What known stake pool attacks exist?

Recently a stakepool (CRO) changed its costs and % fees 30 minutes before an epoch end, effectively changing the rules mid-epoch for people staking with the pool. Are there other known stakepool ...
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