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Error Applying Redeemer Lucid

I get this error when trying to unlock funds from an UTXO in a contract address: Uncaught (in promise) "Redeemer (Spend, 0): Attempted to apply a non-function:\n\nCon(\n Unit,\n)\n\nExBudget {\...
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How to deserialize Datum using Lucid

The following code allows me to query a Datum from the blockchain using Lucid and Blockfrost: import { Blockfrost, Lucid } from "[email protected]/mod.ts"; const lucid = ...
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What are the differences between different kinds of datums (datum, datumhash, inlineDatum, inlineDatumHash)?

I sent some ADA to a smart contract address with the non inline datum of "1234" and when i queried the utxo with cardano-cli, I got this result. "...
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Is there a CLI tool to view a single transaction from a Cardano node, e.g. local-cluster or prod?

Cardanoscan is great for testnet/pre-prod/mainnet. There are also some great tools like Oura for viewing transactions as they are happening, but some of the information in the transaction isn't ...
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Example/documentation of Reference Input (CIP31) and Inline Datum (CIP32) with Emulator?

I am finding an example implementation of Reference Input (CIP31) and Inline Datum (CIP32) and want to test it with the Plutus.Trace.Emulator. I see some answers like here talking about ...
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OffChain code for inline datum

I am trying to create a OffChain code for submitting inline datums. gTest :: forall w s. GrabParams -> PlutusContract.Contract w s DataText.Text () gTest GrabParams{..} = do PlutusContract....
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2 answers

Plutus V2 Tx Building causing NonOutputSupplimentaryDatums error

I am stuck with this error, what's a NonOutputSupplimentaryDatums?: ""transaction submit error ShelleyTxValidationError ShelleyBasedEraBabbage (ApplyTxError [UtxowFailure (...
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