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How can Datum be decoded from utxos that were generated using MeshJs Marketplace Smart Contracts?

I have datum that was formed using the MeshJS Marketplace Smart Contract. Can someone help me with the process to decode the datum. I have tried various methods mentioned in their discord with no ...
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What are the differences between different kinds of datums (datum, datumhash, inlineDatum, inlineDatumHash)?

I sent some ADA to a smart contract address with the non inline datum of "1234" and when i queried the utxo with cardano-cli, I got this result. "...
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Is function "isPayToScriptOut" unsafe?

As far as i understood, function "isPayToScriptOut" assumes every output that has a datum hash is a script output. But what if we create new output with datum, assigned to some pub key (for ...
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Providing a list of mappings from datum hashes to values while creating a transaction

I noticed that TxInfo datatype has a txInfoData field which carries a list of mappings from datum hashes to datum values. This seems very useful for validating transactions with multiple input UTxO's. ...
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what info is in datum value and how can we extract it

In the case for spend purposes e.g. Value: {"fields": [{"bytes": "10dc9481577ae0ac7a2b828bae9f2ba163b79ce73069d75fd609bc88"}, {"bytes": "a20a"}], &...
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