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Node never begins to sync, hangs at certain point

Haven't started my node for 6 months (testnet) so I cleared the container to start another sync from scratch, keep getting this weird error & the node won't start adding new chain tips cardano-...
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Is there a CLI tool to view a single transaction from a Cardano node, e.g. local-cluster or prod?

Cardanoscan is great for testnet/pre-prod/mainnet. There are also some great tools like Oura for viewing transactions as they are happening, but some of the information in the transaction isn't ...
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Cardano-Wallet server won't restore my wallet through mnemonic_sentence

When I try to restore a users wallet through cardano-wallet (testnet) I get this payload using the [POST] /wallets endpoint { "code": "wallet_already_exists", "message&...
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One node surprisingly running out of disk space

I had two cardano-node instances running via kvm on one physical machine. Both nodes were running on mainnet for a while before I switched them over to testnet (to prepare for turning these into a ...
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cabal repl error

When I run cabal repl in the week01 folder I get an error message that states the following */plutus-pioneer-program/code/week01/dist-newstyle: createDirectory: permission denied (Permission ...
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How to upgrade my Cardano node to version 1.30.1 from a Coincashew install?

I installed and configured my node by following the tutorial from Coincashew. Currently running with version 1.29.0, could someone give a procedure to upgrade my node to the higher version safely?
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Cabal build Caradano-cli Cardano-node error

I'm trying to create a Cardano staking pool on a raspberry pi 4 with 8GB of RAM. I've been following the coin cashew tutorial for staking pools:
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When can I move Daedalus` data files to another location?

I have an intentionally small /home partition and a large data partition on Linux. When can I move move Daedalus' data files to my data partition. I ran out of room on /home and had to move a bunch of ...
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In experience, what distro of Linux is ideal for SPO

I'm at a point where I'll be running an SPO. I am curious from the current SPOs what version of Linux do they recommend. I've practiced setting up a pool on ubuntu and mint.