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Is there a CLI tool to view a single transaction from a Cardano node, e.g. local-cluster or prod?

Cardanoscan is great for testnet/pre-prod/mainnet. There are also some great tools like Oura for viewing transactions as they are happening, but some of the information in the transaction isn't ...
2 votes
2 answers

How to run a simple Fib function offline?

On Ethereum, I'm able to run and test a Fibonacci function by writing a Solidity smart-contract with a fib method, compiling to the EVM, deploying and running offline by using any EVM implementation, ...
8 votes
1 answer

What's the Lars' UTXO diagrams tool?

Maybe this is not a very interesting question but I'd like to know which is the tool that Lars uses in the lectures to draw UTXO's graphs. Thanks in advance!
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2 answers

Is there a Signal/Telegram/other bot to monitor wallet/address activity? monitors rewards and can notify via a Telegram bot on Pool activity, blocks and staking changes. Is there a bot tool that can monitor wallet activity live, onchain?