I'd like to know if we should use the week 01 nix-shell?

My expectation is that the week 01 nix-shell, was used to start the playground service and the front-end UI.

Although, it's clear that there's a need to have the *.nix files for nix-shell to work or startup, would be nice to hear from someone more experienced in nix.

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Each week, you should change into the plutus-pioneer-program directory

cd plutus-pioneer-program

Pull the latest changes from upstream

git pull

View the plutus-apps git tag for the week in the cabal.project file. For week 2, look at plutus-pioneer-program/code/week02/cabal.project. On line 63 you see the git tag.

  type: git
  location: https://github.com/input-output-hk/plutus-apps.git
  tag: 6aff97d596ac9d59460aab5c65627b1c8c0a1528

Then change into plutus-apps

cd plutus-apps

Pull the latest changes from upstream

git pull

And checkout the appropriate tag

git checkout 6aff97d596ac9d59460aab5c65627b1c8c0a1528

Make sure you're in the plutus-apps directory and that you've checked out the correct tag. From there you can start as many Nix shells as necessary.


You may or may not want a Nix shell each for:

  • starting the playground server
  • starting the playground client
  • building and serving Haddock docs
  • starting a cabal REPL inside the appropriate week project
  • building the cabal project
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    – punkbit
    Jan 25, 2022 at 21:01

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