if you set up the english auction with three wallets and do the following:

  1. Wallet 1 min bid 10
  2. Wallet 2 bids 15
  3. wallet 3 bids 9
  4. wallet 3 bids 20
  5. wallet 1 closes It will got to wallet 2 and wallet three's second bid never shows up. Is this a bug or intended?

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It is a bug in the off-chain code. In step 3 in your example, wallet 3 bids under the minimum. This throws an error which triggers a bug that causes all subsequent bids from wallet 3 to be ignored.

It happens on lines 280-281 when the error is thrown.

If you replace those 2 lines with this, it should work:

if (bpBid < minBid d) 
  then logError @P.String $ printf "bid lower than minimal bid %d" (minBid d)
  else do 

Credit to @kindofdev for showing me the fix.

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