I was going through the lecture on Youtube and this is the one with Vesting example where:

  1. wallet 1 gifts 20 ADA to wallet 2 in 2 different slots
  2. wallet 1 gifts 10 ADA to wallet 3 in a slot
  3. later on, wallets 2 & 3 will grab those gifts after a deadline is passed

So, wallet 1 generates 2 UTXO for wallet 2 to grab & spent. I noticed in the playground that the first UTXO for 10 ADA at script is shown to be spent but the second UTXO is not. But finally, I can see that wallet 2 receives 20 ADA gift in total. Why second UTXO created by wallet 1 to gift wallet 2 is shown unspent although it is spent later on?

Wallet 1 creating gift UTXO for wallet 2 & it is shown spent

Wallet 1 creating gift UTXO for wallet 2 & it is shown unspent

Finally, we can see both UTXO are spent

  • Unless I'm truly misunderstanding something, this looks like a bug in the playground.
    – Chrismo
    Aug 3 at 7:55
  • I agree. I think this is a bug in a playground, just needed to make sure. Aug 3 at 11:07

Most likely a bug in the playground.

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