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OutputTooSmallUTxO even with 2 ADA

It seems we have an answer in the Cardano documentation library Native tokens - Minimum Ada value requirement: For a UTxO containing a token bundle B the min-ada-value calculation is as follows : Case ...
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Cardano java lib

I understand the BabbageOutputTooSmallUTxO to mean the output is from the tx is too small (ie. not enough input). The annoying thing is it worked well not that long ago It might have worked in an ...
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Sending ADA to multiple wallets in a single transaction

You can use the Eternl wallet Transaction Builder if you don't want to do it using scripts.
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Cardano java lib

Yes the calculation of the min UTxO value has changed which is explained here. So Erik is correct! I would try to update the library you're using to create your transaction, because whatever SDK or ...
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Do I need to validate for minADAUTxO output in Smart Contract validator?

In theory no; In practice maybe. If min ada is not present in each output then the Tx will fail regardless of validator. But. Min ada as implemented in Plutus is hardcoded to 2 ada. This is not how ...
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