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Calculation of transaction fees

Calculation procedure is here: Cardano fee structure The formula for calculating minimal fees for a transaction (tx) is a * size(tx) + b, where: a/b are protocol parameters size(tx) is the ...
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Where is the txValidRange default value set?

This is the flow from Playground to the onchain validator: Playground (grab) --> endpoints --> grab (offchain contract) --> validator (onchain). txInfoValidRange is set by grab (offchain ...
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Is there a way to go from a TxId to a Tx?

The answer is no. A TxId is hash digest (blake2b-256) of the serialized transaction body. By construction, a hash is non-reversible ( In ...
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What's the correct way of submitting a transaction using cardano-graphql?

I don't suggest using cardano-graphql to submit a transaction: every time the node gets behind the tip of the blockchain, it fails. ogmios is much more reliable for this regard. You can submit a ...
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Do I need to validate for minADAUTxO output in Smart Contract validator?

In theory no; In practice maybe. If min ada is not present in each output then the Tx will fail regardless of validator. But. Min ada as implemented in Plutus is hardcoded to 2 ada. This is not how ...
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