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Get transaction unspent output value

I have payment signing key and staking signing key of my wallet. How can I get transaction unspent outputs with cardano-cli/cardano-serialization-lib/pycardano. I expect to get string like this ...
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Do I need to validate for minADAUTxO output in Smart Contract validator?

I have a spending validator that currently expects an output with an NFT to be recreated at its own address. Is it necessary to also include a check whether the output's value has a greater equal ADA ...
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2 votes
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Weird behavior on validation of outputs

So I have a validator that, in particular, checks how many outputs are produced. os = txInfoOutputs info mkValidator :: ... mkValidator = traceIfFalse "Wrong outputs" checkOutput where ...
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OutputTooSmallUTxO even with 2 ADA [closed]

I get OutputTooSmallUTxO even with 2 ADA, is there any formula to predict the min output? Command failed: transaction submit Error: Error while submitting tx: ShelleyTxValidationError ...
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