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How eUTXO is more scalable than the account model?

There is this beautiful eUTXO handbook which state scalability as one of the main advantage of the eUTXO accounting model. How and why is that essentially?
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What are input endorsers and how do they make Cardano more scalable?

Charles Hoskinson talked about input endorsers in a recent livestream and said they could improve the throughput of the base ledger by a factor of 20 to 40. What are input endorsers and how do they ...
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How to solve the Plutus scalability issue?

This issue is one that'll plague projects trying to build on Cardano. Let's consider Lecture 10 of the first iteration of the Plutus Pioneers Program (
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"min-ada" bottleneck to Cardano analogous to "gas fee congestion" for Ethereum?

In reference to Min-Ada-Value Imagine the following scenario: Alonzo's long anticipated smart contracts finally arrive to the main net The ERC20 converter is a massive success and ports hundreds of ...
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What enables the Cardano blockchain to be capable of storing so much information?

After the Africa Special it was announced that DIDs and academic records of 5 million+ people will now be stored in the Cardano blockchain and this is set up to scale for massive adoption. Thus it ...
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