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What are the long-term plans for storage of historical data and will there eventually be a purge?

I came across an article mentioning a planned data purge on the Ethereum blockchain ( Is this something that may happen in the future on Cardano as well? Are ...
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When can I move Daedalus` data files to another location?

I have an intentionally small /home partition and a large data partition on Linux. When can I move move Daedalus' data files to my data partition. I ran out of room on /home and had to move a bunch of ...
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Do old UTXO's ever get pruned from the blockchain?

From what I've read, downloading a full Daedalus node is currently around 6-10GB. Do old UTXO's ever get pruned from the blockchain? If not, what's to stop the size of the blockchain from growing ...
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What enables the Cardano blockchain to be capable of storing so much information?

After the Africa Special it was announced that DIDs and academic records of 5 million+ people will now be stored in the Cardano blockchain and this is set up to scale for massive adoption. Thus it ...
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