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Any helpful resources to build with the Laravel framework and php?

There are good libraries for Javascript frameworks to build dApp like Meshjs, Lucid, etc. I'm new to PHP and the Laravel framework. Is it possible to integrate those JavaScript libraries, with the ...
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Building a transaction that will require both payment and stake key signature using Cardano Serialization Lib

Usually, when a build a simple transaction such as making a payment, the transaction usually requires the buyer's payment key. Here is an example transaction I made with Cardano Serialization Lib. // ...
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Need client side browser Javascript example on how to make ADA payments via the Eternl wallet?

I want to initiate an ADA payment via the Eternl wallet via a Javascript code in my browser based dApp. I'm hoping I can do this in a manner in the same way Eth devs do it on Ethereum via the ...
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Are mangled/franken addresses detectable?

I've been reading and playing around with mangled/franken addresses the past day. I understand the concept and I created one myself, but I am wrapping my head around the question if there is a way to ...
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How can I make QR codes that work with wallets like nami?

Im making payment gateways for crypto on non-web3 infrastucher. One of the ways I'm doing this is by making qr codes that after being scanned with a wallet fill in the transaction i.e. the amount of ...
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New payment address in Java

I am creating a project and would like to be able to give new addresses for each transaction to simplify tracking of payments. I need a method to create a new payment address similar to the below ...
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Cardano address chaos

I'm trying to figure out the relations of the various types of addresses and how to convert one into the other. The Nami wallet returns from its method cardano.getUsedAddresses() an array with one ...
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Best practice for handling rollbacks

We are creating a payment processor. The business wants to send users a product when they receive a payment. This is easy enough using the cardano-wallet api. However, we were made aware of the ...
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Is the Payment Adresss and associated keys considered a wallet?

When staking to the payment address is one effectively sending ADA to another wallet? I think this is an interesting question because one asks if it could then be added to a wallet application like ...
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How to make payment to a payment address using Plutus?

In Plutus, Ledger.Constraints has the following Constraints mustPayToOtherScript, mustPayToPubKey, mustPayToTheScript, Is there a similar constraint that can used send funds to a payment address in ...
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Is there a way to look up for a new payment address with a given payment address?

Given a payment address, is it possible to generate or query the blockchain, using cardano-graphql, cardano-cli, plutus or by other means, so as to obtain a new payment address (unused) for the same ...
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Would anyone respond / share who is working in the real estate space with Cardano?

Who is working within real estate on blockchain, and especially within ADA/Cardano?
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Pay out your salary from employer to employee in ADA (crypto) [closed]

How can I arrange for my company that I can pay my employee's in crypto ADA coins or crypto on the Cardano network? I would like to facilitate my employee's that they have the option to pay a part of ...
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ADA Payments for Ecommerce

I am looking for plugins that integrate with Squarespace, Webflow, for custom websites to accept cryptocurrency payments including ADA. The plugin only works for a few e-commerce ...
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"min-ada" bottleneck to Cardano analogous to "gas fee congestion" for Ethereum?

In reference to Min-Ada-Value Imagine the following scenario: Alonzo's long anticipated smart contracts finally arrive to the main net The ERC20 converter is a massive success and ports hundreds of ...
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How do I make a payment from a node address to a wallet using cardano-cli on mainnet?

I followed the documentation for building a Relay and Block node. Part of that involved sending some ADA to the block producing node's address, to be used as a stake pool deposit. However, the ...
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