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Get live price for token across different Cardano DEXes

I am working on a small pet project and I need to get the live price data for a token across multiple Cardano DEXes. For instance, I need the live price of WMT on MinSwap, MuesliSwap, GeniusYield and ...
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Is it MuesliSwap the only DEX with an API?

I'd like to build a backend that brings data from all Cardano DEXes. I have been exploring this link: Is it the only DEX that provides an API? I didn't ...
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How to get prices, volume and latest transactions of a liquidity pool

I am working on a app to view charts and more. For the charts I need open, close, high, low prices for any intervals like 1min, 5min, 1h etc for a specific token/pool. So far there seems a lack of ...
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Fetching exchange prices via an API?

Are there any APIs currently available that let you fetch Cardano native token prices without web-scraping? SundaeSwap, ADAX, MuesliSwap, and MinSwap don't appear to have this functionality. ErgoDEX ...
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When there are multiple liquidity pools for the same pair on SundaeSwap, which one is used for my trade?

Let's say we have two liquidity pools for token X and ADA (X/ADA) pool 1 has 10 X and 10 ADA locked -> price is 1 pool 2 has 20 X and 10 ADA locked -> price is 2 What happens if I buy X/ADA ...
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