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What are some best practices to launch a token in a DEX?

How can I incentivise users to provide liquidity to a pool so the pool is backed by a fair amount of ADA? Does anybody know of some good resources on strategies and best practices to achieve this?
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How can I code a liquidity pool?

I am really interested in how i can code a liquidity pool using Plutus. What are the mechanics & the components I need to handle? Is there a specific pattern, skeleton to follow?
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When there are multiple liquidity pools for the same pair on SundaeSwap, which one is used for my trade?

Let's say we have two liquidity pools for token X and ADA (X/ADA) pool 1 has 10 X and 10 ADA locked -> price is 1 pool 2 has 20 X and 10 ADA locked -> price is 2 What happens if I buy X/ADA ...
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