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Questions about or relating to the Git version control system in relation to Cardano.

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Problems with HLS with some versions of Plutus Apps: INFO hie-bios: error: cannot lock ref 'refs/remotes/origin/599'

I need some help with this problem. With some version of Plutus Apps, HLS and VCode works perfect. But with some specific versions, like this one: commit cbc2df9e5d47d60505c28f321d75187d9ea85b07 (HEAD)...
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How to get latest version of Plutus in project file of plutus-starter-devcontainer

I've been trying to get the latest version of plutus on my project but I get the following error message when I run nix-shell: error: attribute '8a20664f00d8f396920385947903761a9a897fe0' missing, at /...
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What is the correct Plutus repo tag for Plutus Pioneer Program week01?

I'm starting out with the Plutus Pioneer Program at One of the first steps is to clone the Plutus repo
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Is script\ missing?

I'm following these instructions to start up cardano-node from source. After downloading cardano-node from GitHub, I see that script\ does exist. After selecting the latest version it still ...
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