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Do I Need A Contract Monad For a Burn Wallet?

If I make a script address to be a burn address, I end up having a validator that never validates i.e. returns false all the time. Does a Smart Contract that never can validate need an instance of the ...
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How Can You Prevent A Burn Address From Polluting The Cardano Ledger?

Making a Burn Address on the blockchain is currently done by using a script address with a validator that always returns False and so never validates. This ties up ADA and causes the size of the ...
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Side Chian Interactions on Cardono?

How do I connect a Side chain to the cardano main chain using smart contracts? According to How do I make a Sidechian The main idea is to mint tokens on the main chain and burn them according to the ...
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2 answers

How to generate a verifiable Proof-of-Burn address

I need to generate a Proof-of-Burn address for a project I'm working on. I'm almost sure I can generate a valid "unspendable" address myself but I don't know how to make it verifiable and if ...
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3 answers

Burn token using blockfrost java sdk?

Does anyone have an example how to burn a NFT using the java SDK or Javascript SDK? Thanks a lot in advance.
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Create a Native token for voting & burn afterwards

I am looking to issue voting Tokens. The basic idea is that I will send something like 100 tokens to 10 people. Then there will be three wallets that act as ballot box. In order to incentivise the ...
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What does it mean to "burn" a token?

I'm guessing it means remove the token from circulation, permanently. In a real-world example that would be akin to literally throwing cash into a fire? What are the technical details involved in the ...
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