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Cardano java lib

Can someone help me understand the below error message better. It first started appearing about 2 months ago when I mint tokens, and I cant seem to get to the bottom of it. I understand the ...
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How Will the Atala Plutus Integration Work?

I know that Atala prism will be used as the basis of Cardanos DiD but whenever I ask someone how it will work with Plutus, I end up hearing some new infrastructure needs to be built out. My question ...
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The baseaddress I get based on the mnemonic doesn't have the utxo I want (cardano-client-lib)

I am currently learning about wallet sending and now I have a question. One mnemonic corresponds to many addresses, and one address has many utxo wallet: address1(baseaddr), address2(asset1) What I ...
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New payment address in Java

I am creating a project and would like to be able to give new addresses for each transaction to simplify tracking of payments. I need a method to create a new payment address similar to the below ...
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Building a transaction using Nami api wallet and cardano-client-lib

I am trying to build a transaction with the libary of cardano-client-lib (java sdk). Inorder to build a transaction one needs to provide an account object which can only be created with the mnemonic ...
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Burn token using blockfrost java sdk?

Does anyone have an example how to burn a NFT using the java SDK or Javascript SDK? Thanks a lot in advance.
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Problem with creation of wallet using Javascript

Im using linux-Ubuntu in the WSL of the Windows 10. I have installed Cardano-node and Cardano-cli. Node v14 (latest stable version) ghc 8.10.6 Im trying to create a wallet but on this command: node ...
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Are there any Java APIs allowing to make applications on top of Cardano?

cf. title of the question, is there a Java API to make Cardano developers ?
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