I want to test a dapp on the Prepod testnet with the Nami wallet. I tried to receive tAda with the faucet but nothing is showing up on the wallet interface.

This is the wallet addr_test1qrgupcpekj8x5wzw4kk37g38eceh9wdyqeap3puky8yy2k5zpumumlqxeggrg9ezllhhnyrqr892v5tdevccaz780d8s7kw9xp

This is the tx hash c5a3c23285e44688643f79d2be08ae54e50812e6fe6857028260ff80380ea6a0

What can I do to fix the Nami interface? Or what wallet can I use instead?

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The currently released version of Nami runs on the old testnet, but here's a vasil-ready branch of it, that you can install separately for testing on the preprod (or preview) testnet:


You can download the build from here and

Extract the zip. Then go to chrome://extensions, click Load unpacked at the top left and select the build folder.


Until Nami adds support for pre-prod testnet you'll need to use a wallet that already supports it, like Eternl.

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