How can I get testnet ada for cardano testnet, Now that cardano faucet only has option to get tAda for preprod or preview testnet. I'm trying to mint NFT using this website. https://stage.cardahub.io/marketplace My nami wallet address addr_test1qppc30u4xqy3afe0vlpg65p850w88zw8zxa066r5rs980ltxfzqvxhdf33fnyepwwkhuua522lvyaajyk3l5lp7204kscn3pax Please send me 20 tAda if you have some.

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The testnet is deprecated, latest release of node does not support it. Best to use pre-prod.

  • Yes I know its deprecated, I tried to use the above website mentioned in my question. I guess I'll just skip that. BTW do you know any testnet NFT marketplace.
    – Guna
    Oct 2, 2022 at 14:05

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