Do I need to run the cabal build for all the weekly modules? Will it do the following for all of the modules? Please confirm.

In order, the following will be built (use -v for more details):
 - plutus-core- (lib) (requires build)
 - plutus-tx- (lib) (requires build)
 - plutus-tx-plugin- (lib) (requires build)
 - plutus-ledger-api- (lib) (requires build)
 - cardano-ledger-alonzo- (lib) (requires build)
 - ouroboros-consensus-shelley- (lib) (requires build)
 - ouroboros-consensus-cardano- (lib) (requires build)
 - cardano-api-1.27.0 (lib) (requires build)
 - plutus-ledger- (lib) (requires build)
 - plutus-chain-index- (lib) (requires build)
 - plutus-contract- (lib) (requires build)
 - playground-common- (lib) (requires build)
 - plutus-pioneer-program-week02- (lib) (first run)
Starting     plutus-core- (lib)
Building     plutus-core- (lib)
Installing   plutus-core- (lib)
Completed    plutus-core- (lib)
Starting     plutus-tx- (lib)
Building     plutus-tx- (lib)
Installing   plutus-tx- (lib)
Completed    plutus-tx- (lib)
Starting     plutus-tx-plugin- (lib)
Starting     plutus-ledger-api- (lib)
Building     plutus-ledger-api- (lib)
Building     plutus-tx-plugin- (lib)
Installing   plutus-ledger-api- (lib)
Installing   plutus-tx-plugin- (lib)
Completed    plutus-tx-plugin- (lib)
Completed    plutus-ledger-api- (lib)
Starting     cardano-ledger-alonzo- (lib)
Building     cardano-ledger-alonzo- (lib)

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Yes we need to run cabal build for all weekly modules to build it. It will download the packages which seems a repetitive process.

  • You can also use the Plutus Playground as well, which I personally found easier. Jul 30, 2021 at 4:39

All the weekly modules need an update as they use the latest (and thus different) Plutus commits. I wouldn't know the exact files that require rebuilding as I use nix-shell followed by cabal and so update and rebuild is all done seamlessly.

The reason that such frequent updates are required is that there is still a lot of change taking place in the Plutus code base. This is expected to change once Plutus has gone live (September) and there is a stable live version.

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