I am looking to build a personal project related to Cardano. Are there any documents on libraries or APIs to implement functionalities such as checking balance, transferring funds, etc.?

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You can have a look at https://docs.cardano.org/introduction/ for some general information about Cardano.

For APIs and tools, https://developers.cardano.org/tools has a big collection of useful projects that you can use. There is also a getting started section that can be useful: https://developers.cardano.org/docs/get-started/

Checking balance and submitting transactions can be easily achieved using an API like Koios or Blockfrost if you don't want to run your own infrastructure.

If you use JavaScript, Mesh is a great library to start building a project on Cardano. Otherwise just have a look at the tools section of the developer portal to find libraries for the programming language you'd like to use.


The cardano-db-sync project follows the chain a inserts on and off chain data into a PostgreSQL database from where it queries using SQL.

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