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Documentation for developing a personal Cardano project

I am looking to build a personal project related to Cardano. Are there any documents on libraries or APIs to implement functionalities such as checking balance, transferring funds, etc.?
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Error when trying to build my Plutus project using nix-shell

I am getting the following error after running cabal build using nix-shell: cabal: Could not resolve dependencies: [__0] next goal: Win32-network (user goal) [__0] rejecting: Win32-network-
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Error building in the latest Plutus Apps: Failed to build postgresql-libpq-* Missing (or bad) C library: pq

Im having problems building my projects using the the latest plutus apps: commit 33c6e81ba4ab9cbb42870bbb6f916f8b4e2c7b3e (HEAD -> main) Starting postgresql-libpq- (all, legacy fallback) ...
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Using carano-cli How Do I send All of the ADA from a wallet?

I am trying to build a transaction with a wallet that has 6 ADA. The transaction fee is 165721 lovelaces. So 6000000 - 165721 = 5827019 lovelaces. But when i try to send 5827019 lovelaces I get an ...
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Why does building cardano-node require unreasonable amounts of disk space?

What is the reason behind the build process with nix requiring so much disk space when building cardano-node? I totally understand when video games with 4K videos, high resolution textures, large ...
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Week 4 issue with Cabal build: Not in scope: type constructor or class 'JWT.EncodeSigner'

When running cabal build or cabal repl in the core/week04 folder I get the following error message when building the playground-common- package: src/Auth.hs:130:41: error: Not in scope: ...
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cabal repl error

When I run cabal repl in the week01 folder I get an error message that states the following */plutus-pioneer-program/code/week01/dist-newstyle: createDirectory: permission denied (Permission ...
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send token / asset by cardano-CLI

i am looking so long, but till now didnt find a complete answer about : how to send a token / asset from cardano-cli. can you please help me to go in details about build the transaction from the CLI ? ...
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build okay locally, but fails in playground

I am trying to compile the Homework01.hs The build locally on Linux passes when I do :l src/Week02/Homework1.hs Prelude PlutusTx Ledger.Scripts> :l src/Week02/Homework1.hs [1 of 1] Compiling Week02....
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Trouble fulfilling: base, libsystemd-journal, lobemo-scribe-systemd

2 days stucked with this (running on Ubuntu): [nix-shell:~/plutus-pioneer-program/code/week01]$ cabal build Warning: Requested index-state 2021-10-20T00:00:00Z is newer than ''! ...
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Need help installing pioneer-based code on intel Mac (Big Sur)

I'm following the instructions laid out in to setup my intel Mac (Big Sur) dev environment for cohort 3 of the pioneer program and having issues....
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segmentation fault when building Plutus-playground.server

I'm following the instructions for installing the Plutus-playground found here I discovered I must execute the following before step 10 git clone I ...
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Cannot build cardano-wallet-2021-12-15

I'm trying to build cardano-wallet with cabal. However, it fails wit the following error: [19 of 20] Compiling Cardano.Ledger.TxIn ( src/Cardano/Ledger/TxIn.hs, dist/build/Cardano/Ledger/TxIn.o, dist/...
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Errror cardano-cli build-raw: AssetName deserisalisation failed expecting hexadecimal digit

I am trying to figure out what's wrong but I do not see it, is my command really wrong? do I need to encode the token name with something? Get a different cardano-cli executable? transaction build-raw ...
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Impossible to install ghc 8.10.4

with cabal build all, i receive the message below [13 of 14] Compiling Generics.SOP.Instances ( src/Generics/SOP/Instances.hs, dist/build/Generics/SOP/Instances.o, dist/build/Generics/SOP/Instances....
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Cabal build all failing with error: Symbol not found: _sodium_free

Attempting to build the cardano-node on Mac OS Big Sur while following the instructions found here: When I hit the cabal ...
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Building Cardano Wallet

Guys I'm having some error when building cardano-wallet Error: Could not load module ‘System.Random.Internal’ when building from source. Edit: I just followed the tutorial on ...
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Is script\ missing?

I'm following these instructions to start up cardano-node from source. After downloading cardano-node from GitHub, I see that script\ does exist. After selecting the latest version it still ...
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