Cexplorer shows "NFT Collections" tab for mainnet https://cexplorer.io/collection and preview https://preview.cexplorer.io/collection . How can collection end up listed there? I have minted nft collections on preview testnet but it's not showing up in https://preview.cexplorer.io/collection (there is only one collection listed in preview testnet atm of writing)

How does this work? Do I have to ping cexplorer team to list some policy as a collection?

Thanks for answers in advance!

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collection data are obtained from jamonbread.io - if they list some collection, then is it available on Cexplorer.io

(preview is manual)


Disclaimer: This is just a best guess how I think it could be done.

Looks like on preview there is (currently) only 1 collection that they probably added manually just for testing.

On mainnet I would assume that they take the data directly from the blockchain or maybe from an API like the opencnft.io API or even from JPG.Store.

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