If I have a wallet that currently stores x amount of NFT's and I make a validator script that provides one NFT from that wallet in exchange for ADA what would I call to make sure 1 unique NFT goes out to each caller of the said validator script? Specifically how would the validator script know which NFT to give out? Is there a way to sort out metadata of NFT's using script context and pick the next NFT to send out by its number order?

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There are onchain validator scripts available like this one, which describe nicely how it can be done.

nft-plutus by Berry Pool


The way that my vending machine does it is that I store all of the total NFT collection in a MongoDB. Then, when my script sees a sale UTXO come into a wallet, it queries the MongoDB for any NFT that is still 'available' and pulls them all down into an array. I then shuffle the array and mint the one in the [0] spot. Finally, I mark the NFT as sold in MongoDB.

  • This question is about plutus, not offchain solutions.
    – eddex
    Commented Jan 26, 2022 at 6:55

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