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Is it possible to integrate Cardano with Unity? [duplicate]

Is there a plugin that lets me integrate Cardano's network with Unity?
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Is it possible to integrate Cardano in Unreal Engine?

I want to build a game using Unreal and I want to use Cardano's wallets for authentication. Is it possible to integrate Unreal Engine with Cardano's network via a plugin or something like that?
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Is it possible to swap tokens in Cardano using a SDK?

I am looking for a SDK from any potential protocol that let me swap tokens, as you would do in Ethereum using Uniswap or SushiSwap. Is there such a thing in Cardano?
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Collateral for new Wallets

New users of Cardano sometime want to get started quickly and often face the daunting task of understanding what collateral is. Then faced with the fact that they need to send some collateral to their ...
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Tutorials to integrate Nami to your website

is there a dummy guide on Nami wallet integration into websites? I have found nami-wallet-api lib by Felippo001. But I can't find any walkthroughs. Specially that I am not familiar with webpack.
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How to create and sign a transaction on a mobile device?

I would like to create a simple mobile application (iOS) that would create and sign a transaction and submit it through an API like Blockfrost to the network. Preferably that transaction would ...
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Between the cardano-graphql and cardano-rosetta APIs, which one is recommended for apps and dapps integration?

From what I understand, cardano-graphql as well as cardano-rosetta APIs enable interaction with the Cardano blockchain. Which of these is recommended for developing apps/dapps that interact with ...
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