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NFT Minting with cip68 standard

I want to write the code for minting NFTs with CIP68 update. Like i need such NFTs whose metadata could be updated instead of minting the new NFT everytime. I searched about it and get to know that ...
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CIP25 Metadata standard version 2 token name

I have seen recently that CIP25 was updated to include version 2. The main change in this is that the token name is now a bytes type whereas before it was a string. My question is, what type actually ...
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Coin Selection for Multiasset

I am building an NFT marketplace on Cardano. To build my transactions I use cardano-serialization-lib. When I try to use add_inputs_from() with LargestFirstMultiAsset strategy to choose inputs for the ...
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Can someone show me how to get the transaction in the proper format for cip-30?

I have generate a transaction using cardano-cli and I am trying to get Nami wallet to sign the transaction. The command to build the transaction cardano-cli transaction build-raw --fee 0 --tx-in $...
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How to Make a Successful CIP?

I am finding the current state of Plutus is not suitable for my purposes, as such I wish to make a CIP. How do I make the CIP? What should I do to optimise the CIP and maximise the chances of it being ...
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How are upgrades implemented in Cardano? CIP's?

Are upgrades to Cardano implemented via Cardano Improvement Protocols like Bitcoin? With the upcoming scaling upgrades such as increasing the block size, pipelining and input endorsers it seems that ...
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Is there a way to know if your wallet was restored (accessed) without a transaction being made?

In most cases, I would assume that if your wallet is compromised, your funds are going to be stolen and that is how you are going to know it is compromised. However, let's assume a hypothetical threat ...
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