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How to generate CBOR hex of plutus smart contract

How can i generate the CBOR hex of a plutus smart contract. Does it requires to generate CBOR of onchain code only or both onchain and offchain? Also if have a smart contract which requires parameters ...
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Decode the cbor datum in tx_metadata

I cannot find a way using an available nuget package, to decode the cbor data stored in tx_metadata for a given transaction. does convert it to an object but even there I cannot find how to ...
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Can someone show me how to get the transaction in the proper format for cip-30?

I have generate a transaction using cardano-cli and I am trying to get Nami wallet to sign the transaction. The command to build the transaction cardano-cli transaction build-raw --fee 0 --tx-in $...
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Cbor address to bech32 type address in JS or python

I have managed to retrive a user address from a dapp connector wallet using JS: api_promise = window.cardano.{wallet}.enable(); api_promise.then(function(api) { addr_promise = api.getUsedAddresses();...
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How to sign transaction externally?

I am using the cardano-serialization-lib to derive addresses and create a transaction unsigned. I am then passing that transaction hash in CBOR to an external program to handle the signing process. I ...
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cbor encode and decode

hope you all are doing great. I am looking for a way to encode and decode the cborHex. I've done the following: cardano-cli text-view decode-cbor --in-file wallet.vkey --out-file tx.alonzo and I get ...
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Clarification on policy script serialization in offchain-metadata-tools and policyid computation

I am reimplementing parts of the token-metadata-creator CLI tools in Java and got a question or need for confirmation of my assumption regarding the serialization of policy scripts and computation of ...
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Some transactions I’ve been creating are throwing an InvalidWitnessesUTXO error. Appears to be happening to some specific inputs, and any transaction that includes it fails with this same error. By ...
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How can I use cardano-serialization-lib in the browser to decode CBOR?

I'm building a simple website with pure HTML and JS (no React, Angular, etc.). I use Nami to connect to a Cardano wallet and use the Nami's cardano.getBalance() method to get the balance of the wallet....
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NativeScript vs PlutusScript

In cardano serialization lib what is the difference between NativeScript and PlutusScript? Is there a way to convert from one to the other? I'm trying to load a minting policy script I made as a ...
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Validate Transaction with serialization lib from a Tx Hash

I want to validate Transactions to make sure they are actual Cardano txs with correct length, format etc. I see that Transaction object in emurgo serialization library has an 'is_valid()' method that ...
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Programmatically creating the policyid / scripthash in Javascript (Browser)

I'm looking for a Javascript implementation of the CLI's cardano-cli transaction policyid function, can anyone point me in the right direction here? Trying to replicate it with blakejs (https://github....
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How to decode cbor which is generated with cardano-cli build command?

I am trying to sign a transaction which is built on some other place and I can see only cbor for example: { "type": "TxBodyAlonzo", "description": "", ...
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Intimate details on Cardano pipe io

I would like to know more about the 3 protocols which extend from the Cardano pipe. My biggest questions are: What is the encoding / structure of the protocol(s)? Is tls used here and why/why not? Is ...
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Re-Implementing Policy Hashing in Python

As the title says, I want to to reimplement the hashing part of a policy script in Python 3. I have already made a post over at, and someone has pointed me to the right direction of ...
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