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Not Able to watch my Cardano faucets when i query the node

I am using following command to query node. ./cardano-cli query utxo --address $(cat payment.addr) --testnet-magic 1097911063 Getting the Faucets in preview testnet by the following site https://...
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No tAda after requesting from faucet

I'm following the docs and ran: cardano-cli query utxo \ --address $(cat payment.addr) \ --testnet-magic 1097911063 and it shows my address but no tAda several minutes after requesting from ...
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What happen with the tAda not returned to the testnet faucet?

After using tAda on the testnet, what happen with unused remnant if for any reason it is not returned to the testnet faucet ? what are the technical implications of not return it to the faucet?
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How to get tAda?

Currently tAda faucet is down ("We are curently experiencing techincal issues with the faucet"). Please bear with us while we get this sorted"). Is there any alternative to get tAda? If ...
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How to mint a token on testnet?

Now I am experimenting to mint a token on cardano testnet I have installed the followings like deadalus wallet for testnet and cli tools as well.Then I recived ada from the testnet to the testnet ...
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Is the KEVM Testnet Faucet working as described in this Document?

I see there has been plenty of Activity around KEVM but after 25hrs of trying I ONLY et an Error when I requestFunds(). I'd like to see this working so I could test my Solidity DApp. I am migrating ...
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Command to transfer funds Faucet

I have the cardano-wallet and cardano-node running on the testnet, but I can't seem to figure out how to transfer tADA into a wallet from the cardano-faucet Anybody?
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