I have this function that is expecting type TxOutTx, but it receives ChainIndexTxOut. I'm trying to convert to the type required but encountering issues

getTradeDatum o = case txOutDatum (txOutTxOut o) of
    Just h -> do
        let [(_,datum)] = P.filter (\(h',_) -> h == h') (Map.toList (txData (txOutTxTx o)))
        let parsedDatum = PlutusTx.fromBuiltinData (getDatum datum) :: Maybe TradeDatum
        case parsedDatum of
            Just b -> b
            _ -> traceError "expected datum"
    _ -> traceError "expected datum"

I get the error:

    * Couldn't match expected type `TxOutTx'
                  with actual type `ChainIndexTxOut'
    * In the first argument of `txOutTxOut', namely `o'
      In the first argument of `txOutDatum', namely `(txOutTxOut o)'
      In the expression: txOutDatum (txOutTxOut o)
586 | getTradeDatum o = case txOutDatum (txOutTxOut o) of

I've tried the following solution, changing the single line below, because _ciTxOutValue has worked for me before:

getTradeDatum o = case _ciTxOutDatum o of

But then I get this error:

    * Couldn't match expected type `Either DatumHash Datum'
                  with actual type `Maybe DatumHash'
    * In the pattern: Just h

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Well the last error tells you that you don't have a Maybe but an Either type. You're trying to pattern match against a Maybe instead of Either at this point in your code:

case txOutDatum (txOutTxOut o) of
   (Left _)  -> ...
   (Right _) -> ...

My guess is you actually want to do something like this:

getMyDatum :: ChainIndexTxOut -> MyDatum
getMyDatum o = case _ciTxOutDatum o of
    Left _ -> traceError "Unexpected Datumhash"
    Right (Datum d) -> do
        let parsedDatum = PlutusTx.fromBuiltinData d :: Maybe MyDatum
        case parsedDatum of
            Just s -> s
            _ -> traceError "Unknown datum type"

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    Thank you so much I really appreciate the help, that solved it :) Sep 12, 2022 at 8:08
  • No prob, glad I could help. Would appreciate if you can mark my response as answer with the checkmark icon :).
    – Will
    Sep 12, 2022 at 8:09

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