Cardano Serialization Lib has this class:

export class KESSignature {
  free(): void;
* @returns {Uint8Array}
  to_bytes(): Uint8Array;
* @param {Uint8Array} bytes
* @returns {KESSignature}
  static from_bytes(bytes: Uint8Array): KESSignature;

What Uint8Array should I provide to the from_bytes method to obtain a valid KESSignature?

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I suggest using cardanocli-js to generate the KES signature file.

You can do it like this:

const CardanocliJs = require("cardanocli-js");

const shelleyGenesisPath = "/path/to/your/testnet-shelley-genesis.json";
const options = {
  network: "testnet-magic 1097911063"

const cardanocliJs = new CardanocliJs(options);

const nodeKeyGenKES = cardanocliJs.nodeKeyGenKES(stakePoolName);

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