I am consuming a script output and also create a new one at the same script address. The validator script requires the output producer to provide the datum value due to making assertions on it. Therefore, I would like to know how can I provide a datum value for creating an output using the cardano serialization lib and not just the datum hash!

The only thing I saw was something called TransactionBuilder.set_auxiliary_data() but I am not sure whether that fits what I need.

Thanks for any advice in the right direction.

Currently I am doing something like this which obviously only provides the datum hash - not the value.


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Thanks to Sebastien, there is an open issue for this. Github Feature Request

Besides, one can attach the datum separately to the tx witness set, like so for example:

const datums = PlutusList.new();

const transactionWitnessSet = TransactionWitnessSet.new();

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