I have a policy ID with hundreds of NFT with different asset name (for eg TTS19, TTS20, etc)

what is the easiest way to find all addresses/wallets which have this NFT(holders)? I tried with koios and blockfrost but since all nft have a different unique hex asset name I can't show all addresses.

thank you in advanced, TTS17 theTokenSquare

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Using Blockfrost you could check for all "assets of the given policy" using this endpoint:



and then for each asset you can get the holder through this endpoint:



  • thank you mate, that was the combination of requests i had on my mind and understanding. - we were looking for direct only one request for only one policy for all the assets once.
    – TTS17
    Apr 7, 2022 at 19:56

A of time of posting available services of blockfrost and koios require you to query combination of multiple endpoints. So therefore for more advanced/specific usage you probably best of querying cardano-db-sync instance your self.

As example you take a look at asset_address_list.sql at github.com/cardano-community/guild-operators repo how to build your query.

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