i have 2 wallet in my node, each one hold different Asset and ADA. i want to sign a transaction with "cardano-cli transaction sign" command, using 2 times the "--signing-key-file " option for the 2 different wallets .., and i want to send all this tokens and ada to an unknown wallet.

is it possible?

example, wallet_1 = holds 10 ADA wallet_2 = holds 100 Tokens

            cardano-cli transaction sign \
                --signing-key-file $paymentSignKeyPath_A \
                --signing-key-file $paymentSignKeyPath_B \
                --tx-body-file ${txraw} \
                --out-file ${txsigned} \
                --mainnet >> $log

is that possible=? and also is it possible this one to be sent to an unknown 3rd wallet?

thank you, TTS17

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Yes it is possible, as long as the raw transaction is properly built.

If you wish to consolidate all UTXOs in the two wallets into a single one on the third wallet, you'd use all the UTXOs as --tx-in, and have a single --tx-out. Also, make sure that when estimated the fee, indicate that there will be two witnesses.

  • yes , thank you. more specific to be, i want from wallet-1 to send only NFT, from wallet_2 to send the minimum of the ada amount which must follow a NFT to a wallet_3, which wallet3 is unknown.
    – TTS17
    Mar 30, 2022 at 9:42

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