Trying to import my wallet into Koinly for tax-purposes and unfortunately it doesn't accept xpub public addresses.

They just recently added Cardano Native Tokens to their platform and they support act_ keys (and bech32?)

Just wondering if there's a way I can convert xpub to either an act_ key or a bech32-compatible key so I can import my ccvault wallet into Koinly.

I tried the bech32.exe program for Windows but I could not figure out how to use it or convert my public key.

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You can use the bech32 command line software that comes preinstalled with cardano-wallet.

Install bech32 or cardano-wallet.

Here is an example:

Say I have an cc.xpub file from ccvault like this: xpub1vep8yyse8ja7yspv0ytjdu0rnk4ek08prkuvre6t76mwryp6cdq7azzd684psvm2j55qp2rhm3zpl0x7en96p2esnvfj905pax48czc7hc0f6

From your command line, run: cat cc.xpub | bech32 >> cc.b32 - this will output the bech32 format (in the above example, it would be 66427212193cbbe2402c791726f1e39dab9b3ce11db8c1e74bf6b6e1903ac341ee884dd1ea18336a952800a877dc441fbcdecccba0ab309b1322be81e9aa7c0b), and save it under the file cc.b32

Next, run: bech32 acct_xvk <<< $(cat cc.b32) >> cc.xvk

This will convert the bech32 encoded cc.b32 key into a cardano-wallet compatible acct_xvk, saved under the file cc.xvk

In the above example, the result is: acct_xvk1vep8yyse8ja7yspv0ytjdu0rnk4ek08prkuvre6t76mwryp6cdq7azzd684psvm2j55qp2rhm3zpl0x7en96p2esnvfj905pax48czcdg4029

  • This worked! Thank you very much! Can't upvote unfortunately due to low karma. Commented Mar 22, 2022 at 19:53

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