In the cardano-cli tool,

it is possible to accept both --payment-verification-key-file and --payment-verification-key when running cardano-cli address key-hash From the docs, it seems that the --payment-verification-key is supposed to be bech32 encoded.

But it is unclear how that is achieved.

How can I convert from the key-file to the key-string?

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So after some experiments, the answer is to

Remove the first 2 bytes (5820) from the cborhex and pipe the output to bech32 with addr_vk

For example

$ cat vkey
    "type": "PaymentVerificationKeyShelley_ed25519",
    "description": "Payment Verification Key",
    "cborHex": "5820ba6e94a603da493604a0e0d0e8c4f3465ba299a0d0967a1cafd4c0fa0ab882ad"

$ echo "ba6e94a603da493604a0e0d0e8c4f3465ba299a0d0967a1cafd4c0fa0ab882ad" | bech32 addr_vk > vkeystring

$ cardano-cli address key-hash --payment-verification-key $(cat vkeystring)
$ cardano-cli address key-hash --payment-verification-key-file vkey 

Both key-hash should be the same.

  • thank you for the answer! What are the first 2 bytes?
    – fsquirrel
    Nov 28, 2021 at 20:33

As Alan has already answered this for himself I'd like to add that when using an extended verification key you can produce the non-extended key first and then bech32 encode it to produce the hash.

For example, produce non-extended verification key from extended one:

$ cat acct.vkey
      "type": "PaymentExtendedVerificationKeyShelley_ed25519_bip32",
      "description": "Payment Verification Key",
      "cborHex": "58406d2d6c3e1bf46cfab0977279105a87bb89adb4c6dac3eb25ea2f300ef3e9aa0af720099909a8f7a871db0cb1b2158549cedd2019d60d7ac6c4891bf03cfdc652"
$ cardano-cli key non-extended-key --extended-verification-key-file acct.vkey --verification-key-file acct_short.vkey
$ cat acct_short.vkey
      "type": "PaymentVerificationKeyShelley_ed25519",
      "description": "",
      "cborHex": "58206d2d6c3e1bf46cfab0977279105a87bb89adb4c6dac3eb25ea2f300ef3e9aa0a"

Remove first 2 bytes from non-extended key and produce valid encoded address (bech32 binary is included in wallet release bundle):

$ echo "6d2d6c3e1bf46cfab0977279105a87bb89adb4c6dac3eb25ea2f300ef3e9aa0a" | bech32 addr_vk

Produce key hashes and compare:

$ cardano-cli address key-hash --payment-verification-key addr_vk1d5kkc0sm73k04vyhwfu3qk58hwy6mdxxmtp7kf029ucqaulf4g9q8d6yzn
$ cardano-cli address key-hash --payment-verification-key-file acct.vkey 

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