In utxo we store only the hash of the datum, so whenever you work with the Cardano cli to run a transaction - you should provide datum or its hash via tx-out-datum-embed-file, tx-in-datum-file, etc.

What about the PAB?

Did I understand correctly that original datum is stored in chainindex? At what step is original Datum sent from PAB to the chainindex?

If the datum is stored in chaindex - does it mean that all PAB apps should be connected to the same chainindex in order to share datum with each other? Are we going to have a global chainindex available for all PABs? What if two PABs are connected to different chainindex servers, does it mean that the datum will not be shared between them?

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Datum and redeemer (all required data for script execution) are stored on-chain as well so the node can optionally verify the script execution outcome when replaying the chain.

Since chainindex follows a chain using connection to cardano-node it receives all the executed scripts, datums and redeemers after they get committed on-chain.

Which means that even different chain-index servers will see the same script data.

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