I understand this is all new and still very early but I'm wondering if more advanced payment integration is possible. I went through the example of accepting payments, but I have an app releasing soon where I charge the customer through credit card only after my service takes place.

I'm able to place a hold on their credit card for x amount and then their order is sent to my server if there's enough funds. After service is done, I replace the hold on their credit card with variables on what happened during the service(ex: An Uber driver driving 8 miles is going to charge the customer less than driving 20 miles). Am I able to replicate this kind of flow with Cardano? I'm a holder and was hoping this flow was possible with the blockchain. Again, I understand this is still early but I would love to have Cardano integrated with my app if possible.

I'm bound by the rules that:

  1. Crypto transactions cannot be changed once sent(See my post number 2, my app changing the credit card hold after service is complete )

  2. If I refund their ADA because they aren't able to find a service provider, they'll incur fees from transferring so it isn't an option for them to send ADA first and then have the rest of the app run. My service has to complete before they make a transaction

Is this where smart contracts come in/is the only option? Thanks

Example from website: https://developers.cardano.org/docs/integrate-cardano/listening-for-payments-cli/


There is NFT minting transactions where you send a certain amount and the other party decides what to send back. I would think this would be equivalent to gas station putting 100 hold till after gas pump the returns the remaining. Clunky but that's closest thing I can think of.


There's no way of saving the user from paying fees. What you could do, is to refund the full amount and the fee from your company's own pocket when refunding.

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