I was reading this blog post From Classic to Hydra and I was wondering which version of Ouroboros is currently implemented in Cardano: Classic, BFT or Praos?

Thank you!


Ouroboros family implementations

  • Classic implemented in 2017
  • BFT implemented
  • Praos is currently running
  • Genesis development's in progress...
  • Hydra development's in progress...
  • Crypsinous development’s in progress...
  • Chronos development’s in progress...
  • Omega brings together Classic, Praos, Genesis, Redux, Chronos, etc...

Details you can find in my medium story Twenty interesting facts about Cardano.


Some of the above algorithms have mutually dependent ingredients for launching a certain era:

  • Byron Era (Foundation) – reached in 2017
  • Shelley Era (Decentralization and delegation) – reached in 2020
    • Allegra Sub-Era (Token locking mechanism)
    • Mary Sub-Era (Multi-asset implementation)
  • Goguen Era (Smart Contracts, DeFi, Dapps) – hit Testnet on 2021, 12th Sep
    • Alonzo Sub-Era (Smart Contracts implementation)
    • Babbage Sub-Era (Eliminates flaws of Alonzo)
  • Basho Era (Scaling) – development's in progress...
  • Voltaire Era (Governance) – development's in progress...

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