I want my relay to receive mempool txs just like how a stakepool operator's relay nodes work (preferably in p2p), i have tried topology updater before but as people are moving to p2p, peers i get connected are not consistent (sometimes i got incoming txs sometimes no other relays connect to me).

-What im thinking is talking to spos to connect their relays to mine so their incoming txs would be forwarded to my relay, but i dont have anything to offer in return so i dont get much their attention.

-Or is it possible to create a bp node that have 0 relay, is p2p enabled, 0 pledge, lowest minimum ada staked just so it can be qualified as bp node. so their is no security issues since the bp i created have no chance to produce a block. Just running 24/7, will that be discovered by other spos running with p2p?

  • Pretty sure all you have to do is set up a stake pool with zero stake. Commented Apr 30 at 5:15
  • 0 relay? Because renting 2 cloud compute just for mempool is kind of overkill for me
    – karlo
    Commented Apr 30 at 6:10

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Probably your best option for the moment would be to run the topology updater script on your node. This should bring you a few incoming connections, enough to have the mempool populated with transactions. You can also create a stake pool with just the BP registered as a relay, but this is not best practice. But technically you can do it, probably many people are doing it on testnet.

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