Is there a way to correctly stop cardano-node different than making it run as a service?

I have noticed that, since version 1.34.1, I'm getting the message Validating chunk no. X out of Y. every time I restart it.

I assume this is happening because I'm not stopping it correctly.

I'm using tmux and I just use kill-session command to stop my node.

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I'm using tmux and I just use kill-session command to stop my node.

That is probably not a safe shutdown.

For a safe shutdown you should go to the terminal where the node is running and send Control-C. You will then get a message like:

[mainnet:cardano.node.ChainDB:Info:5] [2022-05-30 05:32:03.82 UTC] Closed db with
 immutable tip at 1000a37390ad4590c317da8ec0b456b7d2a50b5a07ad6162cd3fb0b5f5862a7a
 at slot 62277555 and
 tip b1b90587bf4e55e88a0f59ebfd0e4010aabfcd4c5209921a77bb12f479f32df0 
 at slot 62322410

Shutting down..

This indicts a correct and safe shutdown.


I think you should resume the session and press Control-C to stop cardano-node when you are running it in tmux.


I've seen people suggest kill -2 <PID> as it sends a SIGINT (similar to CTRL-C), but it never quite completes for me. There is always 1 external network connection active and the main node process is still running, which I then kill <PID> after 10-15 minutes.

Although doing it this way does start up more quickly and avoids most of the Validating chunk X of Y work.

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