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What does Atala Prism use ADA and the Cardano network for?

No. If Atala Prism is going to record its information on the Cardano blockchain (as IOG have said on numerous occasions), then it will have to do so with transactions that pay transaction fees in ADA. ...
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What does Atala Prism use ADA and the Cardano network for?

Some more information you can find on youtube. Atala can store x-thousand DID´s in 1 Cardano-Block. Therefore to create 5 mio ID´s it will not need to creade 5 Mio transactions. https://youtu.be/...
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What tools are currently available or in development, to watch an address, and expose a bad actor that without authorization took ADA from a wallet?

the bad actor has to use one of his wallet's receiving addresse This is not completly true, there are tools called "mixers", that obfuscates the destination address of transactions. This ...
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How are identities verified on Atala Prism?

As far as I understand, Atala Prism uses paper-based credentials and plastic ID cards to identify users. In the case of minors, data from the server of the educational institution must be used as ...
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