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pay collateral with cardano-cli

Followed the guide here to build preprod testnet wallets, was wondering however I can create the collateral utxo with cardano-cli ?
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cardano-node preprod testnet sync stuck in nix develop, possible headerError

Supposed to run testnet node in nix develop. which cardano-node outputs /nix/store/y29rzxcr6vswgc5nhmind0cjbkqxi414-cardano-node-exe-cardano-node-1.35.3/bin/cardano-node seems to be a HeaderError with ...
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Cardano-Node Preprod Testnet PeerStatusChangeFailure on Mac

I am trying to run Cardano-node with preprod testnet configuration files from : curl -O -J curl -O -J
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What are the protocol magic values for the preview and preprod test networks?

The cardano testnet has a protocol/testnet magic value of 1097911063. Where do I find this value for the preprod and preview test networks?
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