What resources should you use to learn native script and in what order should you use them in?

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You can find fairly extensive documentation on Cardano Native Script (aka Simple Script) here.

In short, you can define a JSON object with a simple set of rules known as scripts to validate operations around:

  • Payment (e.g. spending unspent transaction outputs, i.e. UTxOs at a payment address)
  • Staking (e.g. withdrawing rewards at a stake/reward address and delegation)
  • Minting (e.g. minting and burning of native assets under a policy)

Each script has a type defining different combinations of scripts required to validate an operation:

  • sig a signature witness of a key
  • after a point in time
  • before a point in time
  • atLeast M of N nested scripts
  • any of N nested scripts
  • all of N nested scripts

Given these script types, you can have fairly complex nested validation rules and order does not make a difference within the nested scripts.


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