I am currently working with cardano-db-sync and I am doing research to extract the metadata of all the native tokens. I found out the policy id and asset name can be extracted from cardano-db-sync but the remaining metadata info should be queried from the metadata server. I am not able to find anything useful related to metadata server. I mean to say what metadata server should I use or setup?

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The current off-chain metadata registry is hosted by the Cardano Foundation.

Their endpoint is https://tokens.cardano.org/metadata and you can find the registry itself along with the documentation hosted on github.com.

Right now, the software does not support setting up a mirror of the current registry, which might be annoying as their rate-limiting is pretty strict. At Blockforst, we have developed a tool to convert the current registry files to the output you are expecting - it is called metadada and is open source.

  • Thank you for your reply but i was trying to get the onchain metadata and i don't seem to get it from cardano dbsync. I need to fetch every data and stored it in a table. Commented Oct 21, 2021 at 7:26
  • In that case, you might refer to the NFT metadata according to CIP-25? If that is the case, your question is misleading as it talks about the metadata server for native assets , which is what I described in my answer. You might want to submit another question if it is about an SQL query in cardano-db-sync. Commented Oct 22, 2021 at 8:36

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