I am conducting some research on Cardano and would like to know if there's any historic and real-time information (on daily basis or more granular) for the below area in json or csv format:

(1) Number of wallet addresses (total unique address and active address)

Note: Active address means addresses that made one or more on-chain transaction(s) on a given day.

(2) Daily transaction value (in ADA and USD value)

(3) Daily number of transaction

(4) Total value staked/locked (TVL)

(5) Number of Dapps built on the blockchain

(6) Transaction fees.

(7) Number of stake pool operators

(8) Average staking return (annualized %)

(9) Block time (s) and transaction per seconds (tps)

I figured it'll be nice to have all the above metrics listed on a website so we can track the status easily. Appreciate if you can share with me if you have the sources for anyone of the above metrics. Thank you in advance.


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  1. Pull this data from the PostgreSQL database associated with DB-Sync, or GraphQL
  2. Pull exchange data.
  3. See 1.
  4. See 1 & note that delegating stake does not lock ada.
  5. Check back after the 12th of September.
  6. Tx Fees currently depend on: https://docs.cardano.org/explore-cardano/fee-structure#gatsby-focus-wrapper
  7. See 1
  8. See 1
  9. You can calculate the average values via the data in 1. Please have a look at https://bi.stakepoolcentral.com/ and if you have different metrics than what they offer you could reach out to them to collaborate.

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